About Us

MicroMkt is the new online home for creative micro-businesses – a thriving community and marketplace where anyone can turn their creative hobby, passion or skill into a business of their own. The only place where shoppers can buy creative products and services directly from the best creative micro-businesses.

Whether you’re creating and selling your handmade pottery alongside parenting or your 9-5, creating artwork in the evening, or knitting at the weekends to top-up your regular income, MicroMkt is for you. MicroMkt allows you to set up your own MktStall in a matter of minutes, giving you the best platform to showcase your business. MicroMkt is helping to create, support and empower a new community of creative Everyday Entrepreneurs.

MicroMkt is also the perfect platform for consumers who love to support small artisans and talented micro-business owners. We know that millions of consumers love to shop small, keeping independent business owners up and running and sourcing totally unique, creative products and services they wouldn’t normally find. Browse MicroMkt today and discover bespoke jewellery, stylish custom stationery, beautiful homeware, the latest fashion trends and much more – all created and sold by creative micro-businesses.

We believe buying and selling are inherently social activities – think of bustling markets, and lively town squares packed with stalls. We share stories about our favourite purchases and we make recommendations to family and friends about the products or services that have served us well. That’s the type of community spirit we are creating here at MicroMkt – we’re reigniting the social spark that is often missing from modern life. If you’re a micro-business owner, you’ll find an enormously supportive group of like-minded people, ready to share tips, advice, and guidance to help everyone make the most of their exciting micro-business experience.

So come on in! Browse, buy, create, sell – and most of all, be a part of our friendly community of passionate Everyday Entrepreneurs.

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