Copper Leaf Circus Style Letter

£ 65.00


These letters are made using traditional sign painting and gilding techniques. Each letter is painted directly onto the rear of the glass and finished with copper leaf. All letters are sold framed (18x24cms).

Indulge in a spot of luxury with this hand painted copper leaf letter using my version of a circus style letter form. The item is made using traditional sign painting techniques and materials. Firstly the outline and then the colour infill and background are painted onto the rear of the glass using enamel paints. Next, genuine copper gold leaf is applied to the lower section of the letter giving a beautiful textured finish that can only be achieved with real copper leaf. Finally, the finished item is 'backed-up' for protection and mounted in a frame.

The letters are in the colour scheme as per the pictures with a black outline, ivory inset in the upper section of the letter and a light grey background.

This would make a fantastic gift and has the element of luxury that only real copper can provide.

Item is a 24cm x 18cm and is sold framed in good quality MDF frames ideal for free standing on a shelf or similar.

If you require a bespoke sign or perhaps a combination of numbers and letters then please contact me as I am able to satisfy any order in any style you require.

As the items are hand painted to order it will take between 4 and 7 working days from the time of your order until despatch.

I will pack your item with great care using quality shipping packing materials designed for art safe delivery. I am very aware that the item contains glass so have gone to great length to ensure that the item will be carefully protected.

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