Mountains and moon gradient lino print

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Mountains and moon gradient lino print. This lovely lino print has a beautiful blue to white gradient ombre ink. It features three mountains, the moon and two trees.

I was inspired to make this piece just before Christmas in 2015 when the moon was bright. This is a scene from my imagination and as far as I'm aware isn't based on anywhere in real life!

This is one of my favourite lino prints! I originally produced a sketch of the piece before transferring it onto some lino and hand cutting all of the detail. I then roll out a gradient ink palette using a roller before applying it to the lino. I place the paper on top of the piece of hand cut lino and print it using my home printing press called Polly. She's only a small, modern press but she creates mighty results.

I printed this onto the highest quality paper - a Fabriano Rosapina paper which weighs about 300gsm, is a handmade paperboard using around 60% cotton so it has a beautiful texture and finish, bringing out all the detail of the print.

Because each print is hand printed, the print you receive may differ slightly from the photographs. This is the beauty of printmaking - each print is truly unique!

This is a small print - the mountains and moon gradient lino print paper size measures 21cm x 15cm (a5). The actual print itself is 12cm x 9.5cm.

This piece will come unframed but will be packaged with a cardboard back and cellophane packing. It will be carefully wrapped in tissue paper and dispatched in a hardback do not bend envelope to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

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