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Zombie Glitter Makeup Bag "Zombie Antidote Kit" Available in Black or White - Measures 19 x 18 x 9cm (7.5 x 7 x 3.5 inches) and has a 3 litre (0.65 gallon) capacity

Has sleep deprivation left you looking like one of the walking dead? Do you fear the screams of "ZOMBIE" being flung in your direction every time you leave the house? Well, fear no more! With our magical Zombie antidote kit, you can feel like a live person once more! This is for your magical bag only, you'll need to fill it with your very own human camouflage lotions and potions.

♥ The Story ♥
I'm a fairly new Mum and the struggle to resemble a member of the human race when leaving the house is most definitely real! After a particularly sleepless night, I hit upon the idea of housing my go-to make up kit in it's very own "Zombie Antidote Kit". Now when I have a bad night, this bag at least coaxes a small smile in the morning!

♥ The Design ♥
Our bag is currently available in Black, with an antique bronze zip. The zip also has a cotton pull, so if you have a tendency to cram as many goodies in as possible, (like me!) then it's still super easy to close.
The "ZOMBIE" is created in a dripping font in very sparkly purple glitter specialist vinyl. The glitter is super shimmery, just because you look like one of the undead, doesn't mean you can't rock the glitter! The wording "ANTIDOTE KIT" is available in white (on black bags) and black (on cream bags).

♥ Technical Details ♥
Measures 19 x 18 x 9cm (7.5 x 7 x 3.5 inches) and has a 3 litre (0.65 gallon) capacity. I'm personally clueless when it comes to figuring out sizes from measurements, so let me tell you this bag fits in a LOT of stuff. It isn't so huge that it needs it's own handbag just to travel with it, but it is big enough that it can be thrown in your handbag and it still be easy to find (even if your handbag tends to swallow up lesser make up bags, burying them in an ocean of "stuff", never to be seen again!)

♥ Packaging ♥
Every time someone places an order with me I do a little happy dance, seriously! For this reason alone I want you guys to feel extra special when you receive your package. So expect sparkles, ribbon and all kinds of pretty bits because you deserve it, seriously you guys rock!
Is this being bought as a gift? Let me know and I'll pop a little note in to your lucky recipient telling them how amazing you are and what great taste you clearly have. If modesty is more your thing let me know what you'd like to write and I promise to stick to the script.
Your wrapped bag will be placed in a cellophane bag and then placed in a bubble mailer. If you order multiple items from me then you may receive your order boxed, I always ensure the right packaging is picked to protect your order as much as possible during shipping.

♥ Turnaround Times ♥
I always aim to get your item made and sent within 3-5 working days, however this may be slightly longer if we are extra busy or there is a public holiday. Please send me a message before ordering to make sure I'm able to fulfil if you need your item urgently.

If you need to ask me something, just shoot me a message. I'm super easy to approach and quick to respond.

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