Handcrafted Picture Jasper Cabochon Gold Plated Cufflinks

£ 23.00


Handcrafted Picture Jasper cabochon cufflinks
Presented in their own velvet lined cufflink box made from recycled paper.


Polished Picture Jasper cabochon.

Gold-plated cufflink stems

Cabochon size approx. 1.8cm x 1cm

Cufflinks are handmade and every item is unique as we use natural stones.

Your item may differ slightly from the image, this only adds to it's individuality and authenticity.

Simple holistic yet still a statement staple piece for any cufflink wearer.

Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer and picture jasper the added qualities of "earth mother."

It is said to bring comfort, alleviate fear, stimulate the immune system and cleanse the kidneys.

Copper is the oldest metal ore and was more prized than gold in ancient times.

Known as the body metal and considered grounding and holistically healing.

A trace mineral required by the body, can be absorbed through wearing copper jewellery without overwhelming the system..

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