Handmade Jadeite 'Stone of Good Luck' Pendant and Copper Choker

£ 38.00


Handmade Jadeite Choker
Nicely presented in patterned recycled tissue paper and an organza pouch.


Natural tumbled Jadeite stone.

Choker is approx. 16 inches.

Pendant is approx. 5cm

Natural tumbled Jadeite gemstone intricately woven and wrapped in copper wire.

Necklace is handmade and every item is unique as we use natural stones.

Your item may differ slightly from the image, this only adds to it's individuality and authenticity.

Jadeite is the lighter translucent version of jade the darker is usually nephrite. Although both are known as jade, the chemical formulas are different.

Jade is known as the stone of good luck and symbolises purity and serenity.

It is said to remove toxins, aid fertility and childbirth.

Copper is the oldest metal ore and was more prized than gold in ancient times.

Known as the body metal and considered grounding and holistically healing.

A trace mineral required by the body, can be absorbed through wearing copper jewellery without overwhelming the system.

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