Handmade Labradorite Teardrop Wire Woven Copper Open Toi et Moi Ring

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Handmade Labradorite teardrop adjustable ring

Handmade ring

Teardrop polished semi precious Labradorite beads.

Raw copper wire.

One size open adjustable design fits everyone and can be bent to your desired fit for any finger.

Bead size approx. 1cm length and 0.5cm at the widest part.

Ring is handmade and every item is unique as we use natural stones.

Your item may differ slightly from the image, this only adds to it's individuality and authenticity.

Simple holistic yet still a statement piece of jewellery

My ode to the "toi et moi" style double stone ring favoured by Napoleon as an engagement ring for his Josephine

Labradorite has a beautiful iridescent multi colour that moves with light.

It is said to be strength giving and provide protection during therapy, block negative energy, bring light and calm the mind, stimulate imagination and intuition, heal eye disorders, relieve stress, colds, rheumatism and regulate metabolism.

Also associated with the Sun-Sign of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Copper is the oldest metal ore and was more prized than gold in ancient times.

Known as the body metal and considered grounding and holistically healing.

A trace mineral required by the body, can be absorbed through wearing copper jewellery without overwhelming the system.

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