Raw Citrine Handmade Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant Choker

£ 42.00


Handcrafted Raw Citrine and Raw Copper Wire Choker


Raw Citrine stone

Choker length is approx. 16 inches.

Pendant length is approx. 5cm.

Intricately woven with copper wire.

Natural and holistic neckpiece that also makes a statement.

Citrine is known as the "stone of abundance."

It is said to aid the manifestation of wealth and prosperity, stimulate digestion, the spleen, and pancreas, energise and recharge, increase circulation and relieve constipation.

Associated with the solar plexus chakra and the Sun-Sign of Gemini and Scorpio.

Birthstone for November.

Copper is the oldest metal ore and was more prized than gold in ancient times.

Known as the body metal and considered grounding and holistically healing.

A trace mineral required by the body, that can be absorbed through wearing copper jewellery without overwhelming the system.

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