David Bowie Art Print 'The Cape from Japan'

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An Illustrated Art Print of an iconic David Bowie avatar 'The Cape from Japan'

A3 Matte Print on 280gsm thick paper.
Size: 11.69 x 16.5in

David Bowie 'The cape from Japan' Illustrated Art Print.

The wearing of exotic, spacey, Japan-inspired outfits by Bowie-as-alien Ziggy Stardust put Japonism centre stage in the fashion scene of the West, placing a seal of approval on inspirations from Japan, which in the early ’70s was still considered an indecipherable, alien nation.

What do the letters on the cape mean? - Well, folklore has it that Bowie jokingly said that it meant "Get your potatoes here". However, each of the Chinese letters (Chinese letters were utilized in the Japanese language when Japan didn't have letters in ancient times) actually means (from upper to lower): "exit" or "out", "fire", "breath out" or "puke", "wild" or "riot", "force".

But as words they mean nothing! The letters should be pronounced (again upper to lower); "De" "Vi" (vi of video) "To" (to of tomato) "Bow" "I" and so they really read "David Bowie"! or alternately can be read as: "The man who vomits and fires out provocative words threatening violently"....

From a graphic design pov, the Bowie Japanese costumes are my favourite. They are striking in colour and unique in form!

A perfect gift for for music lovers and Bowie fans, or a great addition to the art wall.

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