Rainbow star garland

£ 15.00


A handmade vibrant and colourful garland perfect for hanging just about anywhere in the home.

Not only ideal for children's rooms they can be used over picture frames, doorways, furniture or hanging from the ceiling. Each product is handcrafted in our studio in Hertfordshire, England.

Each felt star is approximately 3cm, and the total length of the garland is approximately 2 metres (20 stars in total). The stars are not fixed in place, allowing full movement along the length of the garland.

Please note that due to the product being handmade from natural materials the size of each star and colour may vary slightly.

Important Notice -
All garlands are for decorative use only. Babies and children should not be able to reach or touch them at any time, please adjust the product if necessary as the child grows.

We just love making our garlands, and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

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