Small Concrete Planter

£ 7.00


A Small Concrete pot with a Navy Painted bottom and Metallic strip,

Each order can customise colours to Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze and any Main colour you wish.

Handmade Concrete Succulent Plant Pot with a Metallic Painted Finish

Each pot is handmade with our own mix of concrete to create these stylistic pots. With the help from natural air bubbles, each pot is unique and are perfect on their own or as part of group display, but may cause pot to differ slightly from the pictures.

With their minimalist style they fit in with any decor and make the perfect gifts to loved ones.

They have a rustic finish as each pot is hand cast and painted with a navy and metallic paint finish.

If you are wanting multiple pots you can customise colours/ designs with us as we have a collection of paints available, just get in contact with us.

This pot comes without Succulent plant but please note there is no hole in the bottom.

Pot is approx. 8cm Diameter and approx. 6cm height

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