Leafy Succulent

£ 7.00


Leafy succulent screen print measuring 127mm x 890mm

Succulents! Lovely, juicy looking, greener than green succulents! I love a succulent. Mainly because they are so adorable looking and also quite tricky to kill.

You’ll be doing good by greening up your walls as 10% of each sale goes to the amazing peeps at Peace Direct who work with local people to stop war destroying lives.

My thumb is not so green that I can tell you what kind of succulent this is (I call him Leafy) but I CAN tell you that it is a limited edition (run of 200), three layer screen print - each one done in an ever so slightly different green gradient. It is printed on 250gsm, acid free paper with water based inks. Unframed, the print measures 8.9cm x 12.7cm.

Your print will be signed, numbered and sent to you in protective packaging to make sure the little guy arrives safe and sound.

As each screen print is pulled by my own two hands, there are some natural variations. Colours may vary slightly from those shown on your monitor. Frame and props are not included.

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