Summer Edition Mini bottle with a platinum embossed heart + Orange Paper Rose

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Summer Edition Mini Bottle with Orange Rose

Summer Edition Mini Ceramic Platinum/Silver Heart bottle with Orange Paper Rose (Wire stem)

(This listing is for ONE individual bottle)

This cute handmade ceramic platinum lustre heart bottle is the perfect little extra gift for Valentines & anniversaries! This bottle is made from porcelain and embossed with a silver heart and is finished matte. It's great as an little extra gift or keepsake! Hollow inside. Bottle comes with a wire stem paper rose.
Hearts are all individually hand painted.

Bottle Dimensions- Approx-

Height- 4cm
Width- Base=2cm
Top Opening= 1cm

Please handle all ceramic items with care as they are fragile and may break if you drop them on a hard surface.

Please note all bottles are individually made so please allow for slight variations between the same style.

Bottle can be washed with warm water.

Every piece is handmade so please do allow for slight imperfections between each piece.

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