Felted soap

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Felted soap

Hand felted soap made from local Herdwick wool and using a tea tree soap.

There are many benefits of felted soap including...

* Approx 100g
* Eco friendly - made using tea tree soap from a local supplier
* Hand felted using local Herdwick wool
* The wool acts as a natural exfoliator - leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft
* The wool dries quicker then a traditional loofa or cloth preventing the natural glycern in the soap dissolving as quickly

* Makes the soap easier to grip - no more chasing it round the shower!
* Wool has anti-bacterial properties so does not hold bacteria
* Creates a nice lathe without wasting suds
* The felt will shrink to the size of the soap

* Make a great a great gift / stocking filler
* gifts for guests in Guest Houses, B&B's, holiday cottages, glamping sites (please get in touch for bulk orders)

PLEASE NOTE - please expect these soaps so moult a small amount during their first couple of uses, the fibres mat together with further use.

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