Copper flower studs - shiny

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Gorgeous dainty hand cut copper flower studs

Gorgeous dainty hand cut copper flower studs, each petal hammered to create the vein texture and each with a sterling silver ball at its centre. These measure approx. 1cm across and are set onto sterling silver earring posts. These come in a shiny copper finish.

*Copper care info*
Copper is notorious for both tarnishing, turning the colour of old pennies, and for turning skin green, this is dependant on the individual as it reacts to oils in the skin along with external products. Each copper piece is coated by myself with either wax or lacquer to give a protective barrier. When this wears off either leave to naturally darken or polish and re-coat in a metal lacquer, wax or clear nail varnish.

I try to keep these in stock but do have to make to order when demand is high so please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Message me for a lead time if you are curious and I'll happily let you know.

Please bare in mind that each item is handmade, therefore variations in texture are all part of their charm.

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