bobbly charlton // handknitted pure new wool bobble hat

£ 20.00


it's a hat trick of colour, inspired by sir bobby!

thingamebob knits brings you handknitted pure new wool bobble hats named after famous chaps called bob!

a hat trick of colour inspired by sir bobby. choose from black/grey/cream or denim blue/sky blue/cream. colours may vary slightly from the photos.

i’m mad about quality. especially pure new wool quality. i want to give you a genuine wool hat, pretty much straight from sheep to head, no messing about. handmade, hand-dyed, and hands-down-wonderful. with a free sense of humour!

Oh yeah also did I mention that £1 from every hat purchased by you lovely lot goes in my ‘Sheep Fund’ jar? I’ll be buying a little woolly sheeppenfriend to go on travels to disadvantaged parts of the world to spread some woolly love through Oxfam Unwrapped.

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