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Francesca Avian and Erica Agogliati became Flatwig Studio in 2014. Their work is an eclectic mix of interior, exhibition, curation and artifacts. At the heart of "Forma" there is the conceptual idea to create a collection of simple and plain jewellery that anybody could easily wear.
The designers tried to give a new lightness to the use of the steinless-steel, a stocky and masculine material. They achieved this objective through the use of the laser-cut production that allows the realization of sharp forms with a certain thinness.
The collection "Forma" is the result of a collaboration between the designers/makers and the manufacturers, where the designers are both the creators and the final executors of the process, since they take part in the handmade polishing.
Erica and Francesca have been collaborated with the manufacturer since the business started, improving and perfecting the technique step-by-step.


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